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Bouquet Garni Herb Blend


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Our bouquet garni herb blend is a lovingly hand-selected mix of onion, celery, thyme, savory, chives and bay leaves. Bouquet garni herb blend gently infuses mild aromatics into your recipe for a full, rich flavor
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  • Bouquet garni ["garnish bouquet"] is the classic French blend of savory herbs used to flavor soups, stews and stocks.
    Use our bouquet garni herb blend to impart the flavors of herbs and spices into your recipe, without the texture or bits of herbs and spices themselves. For instance, you don't want your dinner guest to bite into a whole peppercorn or be forced to pluck a sprig of thyme from his teeth. [On the other hand, my children get an extra dessert, if they happen to get served the "lucky" bowl of potato soup or plate of spaghetti sauce with the un-removed bay leaf in it.]
    Use the bouquet garni blend by taking a tablespoon or two of herb mixture, and placing it into a small square of cheesecloth, tying the edges in a bundle with some kitchen twine. You can also put herbs in a re-usable muslin drawstring sachet bag, cheaply and readily available at better kitchen stores [like www.mykitchencollage.com]. Fish out the tasty herb bundle with a slotted spoon or tea strainer before serving.