International Whiskey Day = Maple Syrup?

WhistlePig Runamok

Today is International Whiskey day, which seems like the perfect opportunity to shine the spotlight on Runamok WhistlePig® Rye Whiskey Barrel-aged Maple Syrup!

Runamok creates this delightfully sweet and boozy syrup by aging their organic Vermont maple syrup in WhistlePig's rye whiskey barrels. 

Of course, it's great with breakfast. Pour it liberally over your pancakes and waffles or stir it into your morning oatmeal. It's also wonderful in cocktails (try it in your next Old Fashioned), decadent drizzled over ice cream, and delicious when used to glaze grilled or roasted vegetables (we love using it to roast carrots). 

Try drizzling a bit into whipped cream to top your apple pie or latte, using it to candy nuts, or adding a splash or two to your favorite baked bean recipe.

Find WhistlePig® Rye Whiskey Barrel-aged Maple Syrup with our full collection of Runamok products in either location or online in the Tasty Tidbits Section of the website.

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