The Big Game: What kind of snacker are you?


Ahh, the Big Game… a Sunday where snackers of all types unite. While the game is a little more than a week away, we think now is the perfect time to being your menu planning! We’ve collected our favorite game-day recipes below as inspiration for common kinds of snackers:

The Grazer

The Grazer prefers a lot of little options to snack on throughout the game. These recipes are perfect for The Grazer’s game-day spread:

Snack Mixes: Who doesn’t love ‘em? For savory snack lovers, try the Bacon Chex Mix or Prelude to the Turkey Snack Mix.  Have a sweet tooth? Give the Apple Pie Snack Mix a try.

Dips: Got chips? How about veggies? We’ll give you something to dip them in. Check out these dip recipes – Blue Cheese Dip, Cowboy Caviar (yes, we’re counting this as a dip), and super easy Five Onion Dip.

Bowl of Popcorn

Popcorn Bar! Pop up a big batch of popcorn (we like Farmer’s Best) and set out the seasoning options. Customer favorites are Cheddar Head Seasoning, Sweet Caramel Seasoning, Sassy Salt & Vinegar Seasoning, Tangy Herb & Dill Seasoning, and Truffled Parmesan Rub.

The Health Nut

The Health Nut is thoughtful about what he/she includes in their Big Game Spread. For the Health Nut, calories do count – even on game day.

Slow Cooker Chicken

Anna’s Slow Cooker Chile-Coffee Chicken is a vegetable-filled chicken recipe great for serving with corn chips, tortilla shells, or healthier wraps – or just grab yourself a fork. Bonus: leftovers from this recipe become even more flavorful and delicious!

Work in some veggies. These dips are perfect for dipping your veggies. Substitute a bit of Greek yogurt for sour cream in our Curried Vegetable Dip and you’ll have a tasty, tangy, and bit healthier option. Or give our Zucchini-Yogurt Dip recipe a shot.

Enjoy fresh fruit in a tasty Fruit Salad with Granulated Honey and Mint.

The Complete Diner

The Complete Diner serves a full meal during the game. These recipes are perfect for making game-day snacking a full-fledged meal.

Grilled Brats

Grab your buns! Beer Simmered Grilled Sausages (or Brats) are tasty. Grill them in advance and toss them in the Crockpot or roaster to keep them warm. The best condiment is Denise’s Mustard, which you can make ahead and enjoy for weeks.

Side dishes are required. Every complete meal is served with a few sides. AllSpice Baked Beans, a casserole dish of Cheesy Hashbrowns, or our make-ahead Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese.

Chili is an easy make-ahead option, and we’ve got great options for both the vegetarian (check out the Black Bean and Butternut Squash Chili and Vegetarian Chile recipes) and meat lover.

What kind of snacker are you? Share your game-day spread in the comments below.

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