Staff Spotlight: Tiffany


This week our newest AllSpicer joined the team. Meet Tiffany, our Retail Store Leader for the East Village. 

We asked her all sorts of juicy questions to get to know her better. Read on for the scoop!

What's your favorite food?

"Chocolate cake. Specifically Debbie's chocolate cake from Cookies From the Heart in Fairfield, Iowa. It's rich and the frosting is great... it sort of transports you to another place while you're enjoying it."

What do you like to cook?

"Chicken tikka masala with cauliflower rice. I season the rice with Ground Cumin, Ground Coriander, Garam Masala, Turmeric, a pinch of Cayenne Chile Powder, butter, and garlic. Then finish it with fine Sea Salt and ground Black Pepper. I like it better than regular rice with the dish."

It's your first week, but what do you like about AllSpice so far?

"Learning about new ingredients and how to use them. Oh, and how the shop smells! I'm excited to expand my cooking through what I learn."

Tiffany's Dogs

What do you do when you're not at the shop?

"I love to read, exercise and stay active, and play with my two dogs - Rollo and Frankie Romeatti."

How did you become familiar with AllSpice?

"Rory and I actually knew one another as kids. We both grew up in Fairfield and were in the same class. When I relocated to Des Moines in 2021 we reconnected and I learned about the shop."

What's something most people don't know about you?

 "I love Italy. I'd love to buy a villa on the Italian countryside and move in. When I was in Italy with my boyfriend Greg we walked by an abandoned place. Had I been alone I would have hopped the fence and checked it out. Who knows, it could have been my next home!"

We're thrilled to have Tiffany on the team. Give her a warm AllSpice welcome the next time you're in the shop.

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