Spotlight Spice(s): Chili Powder

This week’s Spotlight Spice is a two-for-one – we’re highlighting our chili powder blends.

You’ve likely noticed we carry many dried chiles – in fact, there are a dozen different red-labelled powdered chiles on the shelves. Each of these jars contain only the powdered version of the dried chile named on the label – nothing else. These are great for making your own rubs and blends and for use in specific recipes where you’re looking for only the heat and flavor from the chile pepper. Our chili powder blends; however, are a ready-to-use blend of chiles, herbs, and spices convenient to keep on hand for adding Southwestern flare to your dishes.

Chili Powders

We carry two basic varieties of chili powder blends – Chili Powder – Hot, and Chili Powder – Medium. Both are flavored with paprika, salt, garlic, and other spices, but contain different chiles, giving each blend its own unique flavor profile and heat level. You’ll often hear these blends referred to as “Mexican-style chili powder;” however, most food historians agree the blend was created north of the border.

Chili Powder – Medium packs a subtle warmth from mild and medium-heat chiles. The blend is tasty and warm, but not too hot for the family to handle. Chili Powder – Hot, on the other hand, packs a real punch.  A variety of chiles in the blend provide a layered, more nuanced heat and flavor starting with light smoky and tomatoey flavors from ancho chiles, and ending with fiery heat from de arbol chiles.

Both blends are excellent in chili, tacos, enchiladas, and other Southwestern and Mexican dishes. Try adding a bit to tomato-based sauces, soups, and condiments. We’ll be using our Chili Powder – Medium blend in our baked beans as we celebrate National Baked Beans Month (yep – that’s a thing).

We want to know...which blend suits you? Hot or medium?

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