Spotlight Spice: Za'atar Blend

Za'atar Blend

This week’s Spotlight Spice is a savory Middle Eastern classic – it’s our Za’atar Blend.

Za’atar has been a staple in Arab cuisine since medieval times. The particular blend of spices included in the recipe signify the region, village, or even the family the blend comes from. You’ll see za'atar, sometimes spelled as zaatar, zahtar, or zaatar, mentioned in recipes from Lebanon and Syria and from Turkey to Iran.

Our version of the blend includes sesame seed, sumac, thyme, salt, and oregano. Za’atar is typically used to season meats and vegetables. The tartness of sumac and nuttiness of sesame seeds work wonderfully with the earthy and herbal flavors of thyme and Mediterranean oregano. It’s a versatile seasoning with many great (and tasty) applications.

Try using the blend as a dry rub by sprinkling it over veggies, chicken, beef and more. Or make a marinade or pita bread dipper by combining the blend with a bit of extra virgin olive oil. It’s also great sprinkled over roasted or grilled vegetables, as a garnish for hummus or labneh, or as a seasoning for salad dressings. Its versatility makes it a good option for the vegetarian or meat eater.

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