Spotlight Spice: Vanilla Paste

Vanilla Paste

This week the spotlight is shining on one of our most popular items from the baking aisle – Vanilla Paste.

You’re probably thinking we mean extracts, right? Au contraire! We mean paste. So, what is it? It’s a delicious, rich, vanilla concoction made from dextrose (fancy talk for sugar), Bourbon Island Vanilla Extract, and specks of the vanilla bean straight from the bean pod.

It’s thicker-than-extract texture makes it a perfect choice for adding a shot of vanilla flavor to your batters and icings without thinning them out. It boasts a smooth, sweet vanilla flavor which is less alcohol-forward, making it great in things you aren’t going to bake the alcohol out of – like frostings and beverages.  This quality also makes it a great condiment. We like adding it to our coffee, cooked oatmeal, and yogurt.

You’ll appreciate the Vanilla Paste most in recipes where you want to add a stunning visual impact from the specks of the vanilla bean, however, it’s equal in strength to our Bourbon Island Vanilla Extract, so it’s suitable to use one-for-one in recipes calling for an extract.

Pick up a jar and give it a try. And a warning… it’s addictive!

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