Spotlight Spice: Umami Dust Seasoning

Umami Dust Seasoning

What is Umami anyway?

It is the highly sought fifth flavor (the others are salty, sour, sweet, and bitter), and is generally associated with savory, meaty foods. Umami was discovered in Japan and is an essential part of Japanese cuisine. It is rarely, if ever, the main flavor in a dish. Instead, it is added to savory foods to emphasize the natural umami flavor already present.

Our Umami Dust Seasoning is super easy to use in your own kitchen. It has a powder-like consistency and gets the bulk of its flavor from finely chopped mushrooms and crushed aromatic herbs and vegetables. It pairs wonderfully all sorts of savory foods - everything from lentils to roast beef.

Try adding the blend to stir-fries, miso soups, and other Asian dishes. You’ll also love it in chilis, beef and vegetable soups, burgers, and more.

Our Umami Dust Seasoning is a wonderful addition to vegan foods too. Its beef, mushroomy qualities help to satisfy cravings and add a bit of weight to a dish.

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  • We really missed entering your super fun culinary contests at the Iowa State Fair this year! I hope you will return in the future!


    Pam Reynolds

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