Spotlight Spice: Tangy Herb & Dill Seasoning

Is it a popcorn seasoning? Perhaps a dressing or dip mix? Or is it a great seasoning for fish and grilled or roasted veggies? The answer is, “YES!”

Tangy Herb & Dill Seasoning

This week we’re shining the spotlight on our Tangy Herb and Dill Seasoning. It debuted several years ago as a popcorn seasoning and continues to be an extremely popular blend. Its zingy mix of sea salt, dill seed, herbs and spices and citric acid (for the zing) has tons of great uses beyond popcorn.

Longtime AllSpice customer and friend Katie S. says, “If the recipe calls for dill, I almost always use this in its place.” She went on to share she especially likes to use it to replace regular dill in tzatziki and often adds it to tuna salad. Another AllSpice customer shared with us that she uses it to prepare a dressing or dip similar to ranch by combining a cup of Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup of buttermilk and 2 tsp. of Tangy Herb & Dill Seasoning.

In addition to these customer suggestions, we recommend trying it in egg and potato salads, on fish prior to grilling or baking, and to season veggies prior to roasting. This blend is also a tasty topper for garlic bread, baked potatoes, chip dips, and fries and onion rings.

Pick up a jar in the shop or online store and let us know what you think.

Is this one of your favorite blends? Share with us in the comments your favorite ways to use it.

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