Spotlight Spice: Shichimi Seven Flavor Blend

Shichimi Seven Flavor Blend

Shichimi, translating to "seven flavors," is a delightful fusion of spices including chile flakes, ginger, sesame seeds, orange peel, salt, nori, and more. Originating in Japan, this flavorful blend is perfect for adding a bit of heat, citrusy tang, earthiness, and a hint of nuttiness to any dish.

Our Shichimi Blend can be used both as an ingredient during the cooking process and as a condiment tableside.

Combine a bit of Coarse Sea Salt and our Shichimi Blend to make a flavorful rub for chicken, fish, or pork. Use the blend straight from the jar to add richness to noodle and rice dishes.

Pop on a shaker top and use Shichimi Blend at the table - sprinkle it over your fries, popcorn, avocado toast, or hummus, or use it to dust your favorite sushi roll with a burst of flavor, or to add a delightful kick to a basic bowl of ramen. 

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