Spotlight Spice: Savory Leaf

Savory Leaf

This week we’re spotlighting a bit of a wallflower from the herb aisle – Savory Leaf. The aromatic herb, native to the Mediterranean, is a member of the mint family – but don’t let that fool you. Its aroma will remind you a bit of rosemary and thyme and its taste is sweet and will remind you of thyme, but with a bold, pepperiness.

There are two main varieties of savory you’ll come across in the culinary world – summer savory and winter savory. Summer savory is much more common and versatile and is what we carry in the shop. Winter savory has a bit of bitterness with notes of sage and pine. You’ll often find it in “wintery” dishes where its flavor profile works well. The winter version doesn’t hold up well to extended cooking, so you’ll find it used in lightly cooked dishes like chicken or fish.

Summer savory is a key component of French herb blend Herbes de Provence, which is more commonly called for in recipes than Savory by itself. This can make cooking with the herb feel a bit exotic – but don’t be afraid to use it. It works well in most savory dishes (coincidence, huh?). You will want to use it judiciously because it can overpower a dish when too much is added.

Give the herb a try in bean and lentil dishes, added to marinades, or mixed into homemade salad dressings. It also works wonderfully with tomatoes, so add a pinch to your next batch of tomato sauce.

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