Spotlight Spice: Sassy Salt & Vinegar Seasoning

This week’s Spotlight Spice is SASSY (almost as sassy as this little gal)!

It’s our Sassy Salt & Vinegar Seasoning. Tanginess from the vinegar and a kick of salt are evened out with just a hint of sweetness from sugar. This blend is an amazing popcorn topper (you’ll find this blend in our POP[CORN]! gift set) but don’t be afraid to give it a try in other spots too.

The English do it best – and they’ll tell you these flavors belong on chips. We recommend it on American chips (chips) and English chips (fries) and roasted potatoes too. It’s also good on other roasted veggies and we’ve even heard some folks like it on their wings.

Pick up a jar in the shop or online and let us know your favorite way to use it!

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