Spotlight Spice: Rory Brown Breakfast Sausage Blend

Rory Brown Breakfast Sausage Blend

This week’s Spotlight Spice shares its name with its AllSpice creator – it’s the Rory Brown Breakfast Sausage Blend!

Rory grew up on a farm in southeastern Iowa and his family would get fresh pork sausage from their local locker. He searched high and low for a similar seasoning but couldn’t find one without a bunch of added nonsense like excessive amounts sugar and preservatives — so he made one!

The blend is sagey, like you’d expect out of a breakfast sausage blend, with a bit of salt and pepper, savory leaf, and chile flakes for a bit of a kick. Use it to make your own breakfast sausage by combining a tablespoon of the blend with a pound of ground pork, chicken, or turkey. Use your (clean) hands to smoosh it all together, making sure the seasoning is well distributed.

Rory’s seasoning is also great in eggs and breakfast casseroles, as a rub for pork loin or pork chops, and added to flour to be used as a coating for homemade fried chicken. The blend has vegan and vegetarian fans who tell us it adds just the right amount of hearty, savory flavor to balance a breakfast dish without using meat.

Were you assigned a Thanksgiving side dish? Rory shared one of his favorites, which also features his breakfast sausage blend. “This Wild Rice Dressing has been a Thanksgiving tradition for my sister and her family for years,” says Rory. The original recipe came from the Packwood Cookbook — a small community cookbook from southeast Iowa — and it’s delicious!

Find the Rory Brown Breakfast Sausage Blend in the rubs and blends aisle in the shop or online at

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