Spotlight Spice: Roasted Walnut Oil

Roasted Walnut Oil

In this week's Spotlight Spice story we're continuing our walnut theme ... this time with our customer (and staff) favorite, Roasted Walnut Oil.

This flavorful oil is handcrafted in France, strictly following 150 year-old traditional French methods. English Walnuts are slowly roasted to perfection, expeller-pressed, then lightly filtered, producing a beautiful golden oil packed full of toasty nutty flavor, antioxidants, and Omega 3 fatty acids. While it’s good all year round, it combines particularly well with fall and winter flavors, making it challenging to keep on the shelves once the leaves start falling.

Its rich, sophisticated flavor will help you turn simple dishes into masterpieces. Use Roasted Walnut Oil on roasted, steamed, or grilled vegetables – especially squash and Brussels sprouts. Try it tossed with ravioli or as a finishing drizzle over creamy winter soups. Combine in equal parts with your favorite balsamic vinegar (we’re fond of the Strawberry and Dark Chocolate infused balsamic vinegars) to make a tasty vinaigrette for arugula and spinach salads. Nut oils have a higher smoke point than olive oil, which makes the Roasted Walnut Oil a great option for sautéing as it won’t scorch easily.

Roasted Walnut Oil is also perfect for your baking projects. The addition of its subtle, nutty flavor elevates everything from Chocolate Chip Cookies to Zucchini Bread to Granola!

Grab a bottle and get inspired by browsing the AllSpice recipe library for recipes featuring our Roasted Walnut Oil.

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