Spotlight Spice: Lime Fresco Salt

Lime Fresco Salt

This week's Spotlight Spice packs a citrusy punch ... it's our Lime Fresco Salt

This flavored sea salt perfectly combines the citrusy flavor of fresh limes with pure, natural sea salt. It's great on all sorts of things, but pairs particularly nicely with Thai, Mexican, and Southwestern dishes.

Use it in your salsas and guacamoles or try rimming a glass for your favorite margarita. It's also great sprinkled on seafood and chicken dishes, roasted vegetables like asparagus, or sprinkled on your avocado toast. Add a sprinkle to your favorite vinaigrette.

We recommend starting with a pinch then adding more to taste - this one packs quite a zesty, citrusy punch!

Find our Lime Fresco Salt in either shop or in the Peppers & Salts Section of


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