Spotlight Spice: Honey...granulated or powdered?

Honey Granulated & Powder

What's buzzing? This week’s Spotlight Spice, for starters. It's our handy-to-use dried honey! Available in both powdered and granulated forms, dry honey sugar is easy to use and store and is perfect in recipes where you’d like honey flavor without the viscosity or stickiness.

We keep a jar on the counter to sweeten our warm tea and coffee. AllSpice customer Joan F. recommends adding a teaspoon or two to milk before frothing to make a delicious homemade latte.

It’s also great in place of granulated sugar in baking, whisked into sauces and brines, and added to marinades.  Try it in your homemade barbecue rubs to add a bit of natural sweetness.  Stir a bit into your yogurt or oatmeal at breakfast.

The powdered version is roughly the consistency of cinnamon and is great for mixing into cool things or using as a condiment. The granulated version is more the consistency of a coarse salt and is great in warm things where it will dissolve.

Find it in the baking section of the shop or online store. If dried honey is already in your spice rack, let us know your favorite ways to use it in the comments section below.

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