Spotlight Spice: Homestyle Meatloaf Seasoning

Homestyle Meatloaf Seasoning

This week’s Spotlight Spice is our Homestyle Meatloaf Seasoning. And, while it’s delicious in meatloaf, it’s also great in burgers, meatballs, roasts, and more.

The blend is peppery, with hints of zippiness from Worcestershire, tomato, and vinegar. Tamarind and sugar give the blend a bit of sweetness, which is balanced by savory garlic, and onion, If you’ve got an astute taster, you might pick up on a hint of smokiness, too.

We recommend using 1 Tbsp. of the blend per pound of ground beef, turkey, or pork. For meatloaf, use in place of the spices you’d typically include, but keep the rest of your recipe the same. For burgers and meatballs, we recommend using a teaspoon or two of olive oil, broth, or water to add some moisture to the mix.  If you’re a hunter, this blend works well with wild game too.

To get started with this blend, check out our Easy Italian Meatball recipe in the AllSpice recipe library.

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