Spotlight Spice: Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

This week’s Spotlight Spice is a favorite for lovers of rich, smokey flavors – it’s our Hickory Smoked Sea Salt. A cold smoking process infuses flake sea salt with the distinctive smell and taste of hickory. Opening the jar is reminiscent of sitting around a campfire.

The flavored salt is popular with barbecue lovers and makes a perfect addition to homemade rubs for steak, pork, or lamb. It also compliments tomato-based sauces and southern cuisine well.

The salt’s flake-like consistency means its ready to use, no grinder necessary, making it easy to use as a simple condiment. Try it anywhere you might like a smokey flavor – corn on the cob, beans, and roasted vegetables are all good places to start.  Pick up a jar in the shop or online store and give it a try.

Is our Hickory Smoked Sea Salt already a staple in your kitchen? Share your favorite ways to use it with us in the comments below.

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