Spotlight Spice: Gochugaru Chile

Gochugaru is a flavorful chile pepper with a fun name which is commonly used in Korean cooking. Our crushed Gochugaru Chiles are made from (surprise!) dried Korean red peppers which are crushed into coarse flakes. The result is a flavorful, sweet, and sharp chile perfect for use in a wide variety of dishes.

The fruity smokiness and medium heat of Gochugaru chile makes it perfect for your Korean-inspired dishes like kimchi, kimchi-jjigae, and kkotgetang as well a wonderful addition to your everyday dishes like meaty chilies, stews, stir fry dishes, and BBQ.

We recommend giving it a try anywhere you’d typically use crushed red peppers or crushed cayenne chiles. We like to sprinkle the chile on our roasted veggies, add it to our marinades, and even season our pizzas and ramen with a dash or two from time to time.

In the mood for something a bit different? Pick up a jar in the shop or online and give it a try!

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