Spotlight Spice: Five Onion Dip Seasoning

Five Onion Dip SeasoningThis week’s Spotlight Spice is here to help simplify things in the kitchen without sacrificing deliciousness – it’s our Five Onion Dip Seasoning!

This blend’s most obvious use is to make…wait for it…five onion dip! For an easy snack, mix 1/3 cup of Five Onion Dip Seasoning into a 16 oz container of sour cream, add a little salt, and voila…you have an onion dip perfect for chips and fresh veggies.

Don’t let the name stifle your creativity. Five Onion Dip Seasoning also makes a great addition to fall soups and stews, is a tasty dry rub for grilled and baked chicken, turkey, and seafood, and is amazing whipped in with your mashed potatoes. Try sprinkling it on your favorite simple weeknight casserole to give it some extra umph (it's Andy's secret ingredient in his tater tot casserole). It’s perfect in any dish you’d think about adding onion to.

The best part? This savory blend is a mix of onions, herbs, and spices – no funny business (we’re looking at you hydrogenated soybean oil and guar gum – yuck!).

Have a favorite use for Five Onion Dip Seasoning we didn’t mention? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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