Spotlight Spice: Espresso Brava Salt

Espresso Brava Salt

Our Espresso Brava Salt is a wonderful combination of fine-ground sea salt and rich coffee extract.

It's a great finishing salt for just about anything you'd enjoy with your morning cup 'o joe! Try it on baked goods like cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, and more. It pairs nicely with the flavors of nutmeg, vanilla, anise, hazelnut, and raspberry.

Espresso Brava Salt is also tasty on red meat, pork, and chicken. Use it in your homemade rub or sprinkle a bit of the salt over the meat just as you remove it from the grill...delish!

You'll find this tasty finishing salt along with our entire collection of flavored salts in the shop or in the Peppers & Salts section of

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