Spotlight Spice: Cracked Bourbon Pepper

Bourbon Pepper, Cracked

Put on your big, floppy hat, because this week’s Spotlight Spice is going to have you feeling like you’re in Kentucky. It’s our Cracked Bourbon Pepper!

This tasty pepper is created by combining premium black and green peppercorns with garlic and shallots, then finishing with a spritz of  real bourbon! The mellower green peppercorns balance the sharper black peppercorns, and the combination really showcases the delicious bourbon flavor.

We love to break out this blend to use as a dry rub for steaks and roasts – it creates a beautiful crust. It’s also great for salmon and tuna, and works well on grilled or roasted vegetables. For a vinaigrette with a twist, try adding a bit of this blend for a sharp, burbon-y kick!

You’ll find this blend in quarter and half-cup sizes in the salts and peppers blend of the store or online shop.

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