Spotlight Spice: Coconut Extract

Coconut Extract

This week’s Spotlight Spice is full of beachy, summer flavor … it’s our Coconut Extract.

Coconuts are used for lots of culinary purposes. The seed is used to make oil for cooking and the meat is used fresh or dried in confections and desserts. Dried coconut and coconut milk make frequent appearances in curries and other savory dishes. There’s even a coconut flour on the market for use in gluten-free baking.

Coconut Extract is summery, coconut flavor by the teaspoonful. It’s perfect for occasions where you want the flavor of coconut in your recipe, but not the texture, and it’s also great for boosting the coconutty flavor in recipes using fresh or dried coconut.

Use it to enhance cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, frostings, chocolate desserts, ice cream, pies, pudding, and more.

You can substitute Coconut Extract in any recipe that calls for Vanilla Extract - it pairs especially well with chocolate treats and with fruit dishes. Use Coconut Extract for baking breads, in savory main dishes and sophisticated desserts, to enhance beverages, on and in ice cream, and to flavor homemade syrups, dressings and sauces. Try a bit in your next smoothie or summer cocktail.

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