Spotlight Spice (Cinco de Mayo Edition): Mexican Blast Blend

In this week’s Spotlight Spice (Cinco de Mayo edition), we’re highlighting our Mexican Blast Blend. Our favorite word to describe this blend is vivacious! It adds a subtle smokiness and kick of heat to any dish.

The blend draws its ingredients from Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, including smoky chipotle chiles and earthy Mexican oregano. Additional chiles and Mediterranean oregano provide balance. It’s a fiesta of flavors!

Toss on a shaker lid and give it a try on your pizza and pasta dishes. It’s even great on fresh fruits – especially pineapple, mango, and melons.

It’s an awesome ingredient for a zingy vinaigrette. Try it with fruity olive oils and vinegars. The oil in the vinaigrette does draw out the capsaicin (hot bits) of the chiles, so go light on the seasoning and mix it right when you plan to use it. If salads aren’t your jam, make a tasty marinade for shrimp and white fish by combining a dash or two with our Persian Lime Fused Olive Oil, a bit of lime juice, and a splash of vodka.

And, as an added bonus, this blend is salt free! Find our recipes for Chorizo-Tequila Queso Dip and Mexican Blast Fish Tacos in the AllSpice recipe library, and pick up a jar in the shop or online store. ¡Es múy délicioso!

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