Spotlight Spice: Chipotle Sea Salt

Chipotle Sea Salt

Smoky. Sweet. Spicy. What’s not to love? We’re talking about chipotle chiles, of course! Chipotle chiles are dried and smoked jalapeño chiles with a rich, earthy flavor. Chipotle chiles typically register somewhere between 2,500 – 10,000 Scoville heat units – similar to a regular jalapeño pepper.

This week’s Spotlight Spice combines the rich, smoky, and earthy flavors of chipotle chiles with Pacific sea salt – it’s our Chipotle Sea Salt.

Give this tasty flavor-infused sea salt a try in your homemade rubs and spice blends, snack mixes, and potato/pasta salads. It’s also great as a finishing salt for mac and cheese, pasta dishes, and veggies. We especially like it on corn on the cob.

You’ll find this tasty sea salt along with our other flavor infused salts in shop or the Peppers & Salts section of

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