Spotlight Spice: Caramel Sugar

Caramel Sugar

Today is National Caramel Day, and what better way is there to celebrate than by highlighting our Caramel Sugar?!?

Caramel has been around for so long that no one is totally sure where it originated; however, some accounts date it back nearly 1,000 AD where people in the Arab nation enjoyed it, referring to it by a term translating roughly to “ball of sweet.” The softer, chewy version with milk and fat added didn’t show up until the mid 19th century.

Our Caramel Sugar is an easy way to enjoy the sweet and lightly nutty flavor of caramel, and is a perfect addition to your morning coffee. Try sprinkling on top of cookies before baking or on popcorn for an easy take on caramel corn. It’s also wonderful for topping a crème brûlée.  

Pick up a jar in the shop or in the Baking Section of

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