Spotlight Spice: California Salad Herb Blend

California Salad Herb Blend

Tupac once said, “California knows how to party” and we know he was talking our California Salad Herb Blend – not the state.

Okay, that’s probably not accurate, but this flavorful blend of herbs, garlic, and lemon pepper is like a party – in your salad bowl! As its name suggests, the blend is delightful sprinkled over your favorite salad, and it’s also good for all sorts of other things.

Try seasoning freshly grilled vegetables, poultry, or fish for a bit of west coast flavor. Or mix a few pinches with your favorite olive oil and add a bit of sea salt for a tasty bread dipper. Add some balsamic or wine vinegar and you’ve got a springy vinaigrette with a hint of citrus.

The blend is wonderful mixed into sour cream as a dip or combined with Greek yogurt, white wine, and Dijon mustard to make a simmering sauce for chicken. This blend is salt-free, so it’s a great option for heart-healthy cooking.

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