Spotlight Spice: Cajun Blackening Blend

If you love zesty, Cajun cuisine, our Cajun Blackening Blend belongs in your spice rack!

Blackening is a cooking technique popularized in the 1980s by New Orleans' Chef Paul Prudhomme where high heat, butter, and spices are used to create a flavorful black crust on fish, chicken, and other proteins. Our Cajun Blackening Blend is a perfect mix of herbs and spices to achieve that zippy, crispy crust.

Give the technique a try by placing a bit of butter or heat-tolerant oil in a heavy skillet over medium-high heat. Coat your fish, chicken, or other meat in the seasoning blend, then sear in the hot pan until the meat is cooked through. The ideal blackened entrée is crisp and peppery on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. We love to serve blackened chicken or fish with a side of jambalaya or red beans and rice for a complete Cajun-inspired dish.

Our Cajun Blackening Blend is a great all-purpose Cajun or Creole Seasoning, too. Try sprinkling it on eggs, roasted or grilled veggies, grilled and roasted meats, and pasta dishes for a flavorful and zippy kick.

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Oo-ee, Maman! C'est si bon!

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