Spotlight Spice: Basque Seasoning

Basque Seasoning

This week’s Spotlight Spice has us ready to pack our bags and head out on a Spanish vacation! It’s our Basque Seasoning.

Basque Country is an area of northern Spain reaching from high in the Basque Mountains to the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean. The area is warm and sunny, and its unique geography helped shape the region’s cuisine, with abundant seafood from the Atlantic, orchards and vineyards from the valleys of the Basque Mountains, and plenty of beef, goat, and dairy from the area’s pastures. Basque dishes are often richly seasoned, featuring warm smokiness from paprika and chiles and flavorful tomatoes.

Our Basque Seasoning was created to capture the sunny warmth of the region and richness of the area’s cuisine in a blend of sun-dried tomato powder and zesty smoky and sweet paprika, balanced with onion and other flavorful savory spices.

We recommend this blend as a rub for beef or chicken, as a finishing seasoning for grilled or fried fish, or as a seasoning for your roasted vegetables. It’s a particularly nice blend for using in breakfast dishes, too. Use it to season papas fritas (fried taters) or hash browns, or as a finishing seasoning on your fried or scrambled eggs.

Pick up this unique blend in the shop or online store and bring a bit of Basque sunshine to your kitchen.

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