Spotlight Spice: Ancho-Honey Blend

Ancho-Honey Blend

Our Ancho-Honey Blend perfectly balances sweet ‘n spicy. The blend has a subtle smokiness and is only mildly warm - ancho chiles are on the low end of the Scoville Scale. The smoke and heat pair nicely with a bit of bright citrus and sweet honey to complete the seasoning.

Our Ancho-Honey Blend is one of our favorite seasonings for salmon. It works great whether you’re cooking on the grill in the summertime or inside on the oven or stove. We also enjoy the blend on white fish, chicken, and pork. It’s also wonderful on grilled or roasted vegetables. In fact, you’ll find this blend tucked in alongside some of our other favorite spice blends for veggies in our Veg Out Gift Box.

And don’t be afraid to get a bit creative with it. Some great ideas from our customers include tossing fries or onion rings with the blend, sprinkling in soups and stews, and combining with extra virgin olive oil to marinade meat or poultry. It'll add a bit of southwestern flair to just about any dish.

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