Spotlight Spice: Ammazza Suocera Blend

Ammazza Suocera Blend

This week’s Spotlight Spice, our Ammazza Suocera Blend, is killer — the name says so! Meaning “kill the mother-in-law” in Italian, this flavorful blend is a collaboration between AllSpice owner Rory Brown and Cooking with Alessandra‘s Alessandra Meschini. Side note: If you’ve not tried a cooking class with Alessandra, you should. They are a blast. Learn more and view a schedule of upcoming classes on her website.

In a dsm Magazine post about the collaboration, Alessandra explained the name is in jest (it won’t really kill your mother-in-law) and is a typical seasoning in south-central Italy. The region is known for other mother-in-law-related spice blends too.

So, what is it? Our Ammazza Suocera blend is a mix of sea salt, garlic, crushed cayenne pepper, parsley, basil, Mediterranean oregano and marjoram.  It’s packed with flavor, and has just the right amount of heat, salt and herby-goodness to punch up the flavor in anything you add it to.

How do you use it? AllSpice co-owner Andy shared, “Rory carries a shaker jar of Ammazza Suocera around with him most of the time. We get some odd looks or occasional side-eye when he uses it at restaurants. But it does make everything delicious.”

Rory recommends trying it on pizza, added to red sauces for spaghetti or lasagna, sprinkled on top of some extra virgin olive oil as a bread dipper, mixed into mayo for a sandwich spread, added to your scrambled eggs, and to season roasted veggies.

Give the Ammazza Suocera a try. Once you do, we’re certain it will find a permanent home in your spice rack!

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  • Hello just wanted to say I received the Ammazza Suocera blend from my daughter in my stocking and used it for turkey salad. It tastes amazing. Now how to put in things without her knowing. haha

    alisa hale

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