Spotlight Spice: Adobo Seasoning

This week’s we’re shining the spotlight on our Adobo Seasoning. This blend of spices has roots in Iberia (Spain and Portugal) where it originally described a technique for preserving foods in a sauce or marinade. Over time it evolved into a general purpose seasoning used in a wide variety of Latin American dishes.

Our Adobo Seasoning is a blend of garlic with salt, paprika, onion, annatto seed and other herbs and spices which combine to create a flavorful, garlicky seasoning. The addition of just a touch of honey powder adds a bit of sweetness to an otherwise savory blend. If you like a flavorful "spicy" seasoning that isn't hot, this is the blend for you.

We often use the blend to create an adobado or adobada (a fancy name for a meat dish marinade or seasoned with an adobo). The blend is ready to use as a rub or simply combine it with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create a marinade. It's best on fish, chicken, and steak.

Adobo Seasoning is also an excellent addition to hearty stews or as a flavor booster for your salsa or guacamole. Try adding a bit to your homemade enchiladas and other Spanish and Portuguese inspired dishes.

Swing by one of our locations for a sample and to pick up a jar or find it with the Rubs and Blends on 

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