New: Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

New to the tasting bar is our Italian Perazana Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This single varietal oil is spicy and herbaceous with a bold, peppery finish. 

This olive oil is predominately green fruit-forward with hints of cinnamon, grass, nettle, green apple, mint, and black pepper. 

If you like a bold olive oil, this variety is a great choice for bread dipping (try it with one of our bread dipping seasoning blends) and for finishing pastas. Try pairing it with any white or dark balsamic vinegar or one of our wine vinegars to make a vinaigrette or marinade.

Find the new Peranzana along with our other unflavored single varietal olive oils at the AllSpice tasting bar or in the Oils Section of

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