Great Gifts for Awesome Moms

Mother's Day is right around the corner (Sunday, May 9, if it didn't make it onto your calendar). And every mom deserves a thoughtful gift. No matter what kind of mamma you've got, we've got a great gift perfect for her:

Does your mom like to bake? If so, our Vanilla Paste is the perfect gift for her. Vanilla paste is thicker than an extract - it's roughly the consistency of maple syrup. Our paste includes flecks of vanilla bean seeds and depth and flavor no other vanilla can match in ice creams, custards, crème brûlée, cakes, and icings. Use it 1:1 in place of extract.

For moms who appreciate a good cocktail and delicious charcuterie board, consider our stuffed olives (available in garlic or lemon), or the spicy cocktail sticks. The stuffed olives are great in martinis and the spicy cocktail sticks make a perfect Bloody Mary garnish. All three are a unique, tasty addition to a fancy-schmancy cheese board.

Is Mom an early riser? Runamok maple syrups are a fantastic breakfast complement. Use them on pancakes and waffles, in oatmeal, and even as a coffee sweetener. We have a variety of individual flavors and sample packs of four to choose from.

If your mama is green (i.e. eco-conscious), pick up a package or two of Bee's Wraps for her. Made from cotton and beeswax, these sheets are the perfect way to preserve leftovers or pack a lunch without involving single-use plastic like cling wrap or sandwich bags. A variety of sizes and patterns are available.

Every movie-loving mom needs perfect popcorn! Our Popcorn Gift Bag contains a bottle of butter infused olive oil, Cheddar-Head Seasoning, and Sweet Caramel Seasoning. Or go big with the Popcorn Gift Box, which contains Cheddar-Head Seasoning, Sassy Salt & Vinegar Seasoning, Sweet Caramel Seasoning, Tangy Herb & Dill Seasoning, and a bag of Farmer's Best Popcorn.

Perhaps your mom's a bookworm who likes to cozy up with a good novel, blanket, and mug of tea. Bell Farm Creamed Honey is perfect for sweetening up the tea. And bonus - it's spreadable - making it great on toast, cornbread, muffins, and more.

Maybe your mom's just a hot mess? The messy mama you can't help but love needs a nice apron. Our OliveYou (sounds like I love you - get it?!?) apron has an adjustable neck strap and is dark colored to help hide any kitchen accidents that don't wash out. It's machine washable and has pockets to stash recipes, kitchen utensils, or a flask.

Not seeing anything perfect for your mom? Check out our complete selection of gift sets, or swing by and build your own box. Or, if you've got a mom who is just tough to buy for, grab an AllSpice gift certificate and let her choose her own culinary adventure.

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  • I am interested in buying your products. I got a jar as gift. Wondering where in Sarasota Florida you sell your Pitted Green Queen Olives.
    They are the most delicious olives I ever tasted. Firm and full of flavor.

    Michael LaConte

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