FAQ: What are cocktail bitters, anyway?

Cocktail bitters are spirits which have been infused with botanicals which are used to flavor cocktails. Bartenders and mixologists love them because they add depth to the flavor and aroma of craft cocktails with just a few drops.

These days you'll find all sorts of inventive bitters flavors, infused with everything from citrus peel, herbs, and spices to tree bark, roots, and flowers. We stock two lines of bitters in the shop:

Bear Root Bitters

Bear Root Bitters

Bear Root Bitters are crafted in Jackson Hole, Wyoming from locally sourced ingredients. You'll find a variety of flavors on the shelves, including Old Fashioned Aromatics, Orange, Lemony Snicket, Cherry Chocolate, and Habanero Ginger.

We also have a sample pack which features half-ounce bottles of five different flavors. It's perfect for an aspiring mixologist or seasoned cocktail maker.

Runamok Maple Bitters

Runamok Bitters

Runamok bitters feature a warm, maple-y base. They are available in a 3-pack, which includes Runamok's take on an aromatic bitter, an orange bitter, and a floral bitter. 



We recommend using bitters sparingly as you begin experimenting with them in cocktail making. Many recipes call for only a dash (which is 7-8 drops or 1/8 tsp.). A little goes a long way!

And you know us... we aren't fans of "one-trick pony" ingredients. Don't be afraid to try bitters in your cooking too! A bit o' bitters added to your coffee or hot cocoa, cakes and cookies, and even soups and marinades will add some interest and depth.

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