Brrr, it's chili!


There’s a chill in the air, and we’ve got chili on our minds.

Chili con carne (chili for short) is the chili we know and love. Like most things historic, it’s tough to get a straight answer on where chili came from. Stories range from easily believable (it was brought to the Texas area by immigrants from the Spanish Canary Islands) to more colorful (it was brought to the Southwestern United States by the spirit of a Spanish nun known by Native Americans as La Dama de Azul, who never physically left Spain).

What’s true? You be the judge.

We do know chili has strong roots in Texas – particularly in the San Antonio area. Chili is such a beloved dish in Texan cuisine that the state legislature declared it the official state food in 1977. If you don’t live in Texas, you might be surprised to learn traditional Texas Chili does not include beans. If you challenge a true Texan on that, you’d better be ready to run!

Here at AllSpice we’ve amassed quite the collection of tasty chili recipes. Some honor Texas tradition by being bean-free and others are chock-full of beans. Find these – and our entire collection of recipes in the AllSpice recipe library.

In true AllSpice style, we’ve also got a collection of blends to help you perfectly season your pot of chili.

AllSpice Chili Seasoning Blends

Our Chili Powder, Medium spice blend is a great place to start. It combines mild ancho chiles with traditional chili flavors of cumin, garlic, and more to create a flavorful chili everyone will enjoy.

Like things with a spicy kick? Then move to our Chili Powder, Hot spice blend which amps up the heat by layering in spicier dried chiles.

And we couldn’t talk chili without having something traditionally Texan. Our Texas Chili Seasoning is on the milder side and has a unique and delicious smoky flavor.

We’re dying to know how you like your chili! Beans or no beans? Spicy or mild? Saltines or cracker-free? Tell us in the comments.

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