AllSpice Bottle Refill Program Returns

Empty and Clean AllSpice Bottles

Beginning today (June 1), the AllSpice bottle refill program is back! Read on for program details and find out how it works.

What is it?

The bottle refill program allows you to bring in your clean and dry 12 and 24 oz. oil and vinegar bottles to have them refilled with any oil or vinegar flavor we have available in bulk. In return, you receive $1.50 off each refilled bottle. The program has been in place since the early days of AllSpice, but has been suspended over the last year due to COVID-19.

Clean and dry, huh?

Yep. When you bring in a bottle for refilling, the same bottle you bring in with you gets refilled and goes home with you. We'll happily replace the cork and label. Bottles you bring in must be clean (for sanitary reasons) and dry (water and olive oil don't do well together), otherwise we cannot refill them.

The best way to clean your bottles is to:

  1. Make sure the bottle is empty of oil and vinegar
  2. Put a drop or two of dish washing liquid in the bottle and fill with an inch or two of hot water
  3. Cover the opening with your thumb and shake vigorously
  4. Pour it out and give it a rinse with hot water
  5. Run it through your dishwasher, opening side down, in the bottom rack
  6. Leave the cork out of the bottle and allow to dry completely

If you don't have a dishwasher, repeat the steps above a second time, making sure the bottle is rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry. For stubborn olive oil, try using a bit of lemon juice or distilled vinegar in the bottle, shake well, then rinse.

All your questions, answered.

Q: Why don't you refill the little bottles? 
A: We offer a bulk buying discount on the 5 oz. (clear) bottles, which are only available in-store. The clear bottles are easy to recycle.

Q: I don't need refills, can I still bring you my bottles?
A: The refill discount of $1.50 applies only to bottles you bring in to have refilled. We're unable to reuse your bottles, so it's best to recycle them at home if you don't need them.

Q: Do you refill spices?
A: Half-cup refill bags are available for refilling your empty herbs, spices, salts & peppers, rubs & blends, chiles, and baking products. They are discounted $.80 from the half-cup jar price.

Q: I don't shop in the store. Is the program available online?
A: Because of how it works, the bottle refill program is only available in-store. 

Have a question we didn't answer? Comment below or shoot us an email at Happy refilling!


  • Claudette, we do still deliver to Fleur Drive in Des Moines. When you check out, enter your address under shipping and it will show up as long as your order meets the $25 minimum for delivery and you’re in a zip code we deliver to (Fleur Drive is). Thanks!

    Andy Haning-Brown
  • Do you still deliver to Fleur Drive?

    Claudette McGowan Jones
  • I had the opportunity to visit your store and I fell in love with all the variety of products I found and the great service (Heidi helped me). I will be purchasing online soon. Thank you for such a wonderful store and products!

    Patricia Ortega

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