WEAR IT! Aprons for the stylish “creative genuis”

Dugan_Brothers_1938_via_FlickrWhere does the heart of creativity lie? Does the genius of a work of art, or a masterpiece of a delicious dish, or the enjoyment of a perfect party reside in the end product, in the process by which it was made, or in the person who created it?

Person, process, or product, some people are just incredibly gifted at hosting fantastic events, at serving delicious food, and managing to be funny and stylish and inviting the whole while.

For those creative geniuses, we’ve created the WEAR IT! boxed set, a gift for the cook who  makes every gathering unique (and delicious).

The “Wear It” boxes come two different ways :

1)  OLIVE YOU!  Tell someone you really care for them: surprise them with an apron that says, “OliveYou,” and hope they “OliveYou,” too. The OliveYou WEAR IT! gift set features the puntastic OliveYou Apron plus a 12 oz bottle of extra-virgin olive oil.

You pick which one of our delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oils to pair with your apron, to let the recipient know that you give them “Olive” your love. $43

WEAR_IT_aprons2)  NOTHING BEATS A GOOD RUB.  Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet says: To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there’s the rub…

But for you, the best rub is the one you use to bake, roast and grill delicious meat, poultry and fish. The Nothing Beats a Good Rub WEAR IT! set features the eponymous apron, plus a selection of four half-cup jars chosen from among our customers’ favorite AllSpice blends.

Suit up in this clever apron and stock up the pockets* with necessities, and who knows “what dreams may come” to inspire your cooking?  $50

*AllSpice owner Rory tested the apron and says: the pockets have a “Spice Jar Capacity” (SJC?) of 5 or 6 1/2-Cup jars.

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