Some Autumnally Equinoxious Thoughts About Fall

fullmoonThe Harvest Moon this Wednesday (Sept 18) opens the door for a new season. The Autumnal equinox is this Sunday, September 22, and officially kicks off the fall season in the northern hemisphere.

Astronomically speaking, the autumnal equinox marks one of the four major turning points in the cycle of seasons. The Earth spins on its axis, which is tilted (at 23.5 degrees with respect to its “orbital plane,” for those keeping score at home).

At the vernal and autumnal equinox, though, the Earth’s axis is neither tilted away nor towards the Sun, but has both northern and southern hemispheres experiencing equal amounts of sunshine. From now until the Winter Solstice in December, each successive day will grow shorter, and the nights longer.

More than a seasonal pivot point (from summer to fall, from longer days to longer nights), Fall marks a change in mood for many of us, and a change of menu.

applesNow that it is comfortably cool outside, we can turn off the A/C and start to contemplate more indoor cooking.

This year, after the long, hot summer we’ve just had, we’re especially looking forward to warm, autumnal comfort foods. First thing, we’re going to be working our way through the entire Soup category in our recipes database, and finding the perfect bread to go with it.

We’re also excited to break out our favorite fall flavors:

  • Apple Pie Spice not just for pies! think: oatmeal, hot tea, fruit cobblers and cinnamon rolls
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice  again, think outside the pie: banana or zucchini bread, squash or sweet potato dishes, and OMG, in your chai
  • Mulling Spice Blend in your fresh, local apple cider, or steeped in red wine.

Come see us soon

Photo credit: National Geographic

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