Recipes From the AllSpice / Alessandra’s Sausage-Making Class

Rory_Alessandra_Sausage_class_Italian_chocolatLast week, Rory and Chef Amy had a blast, teaching a sausage-making class with our friend and neighbor, Alessandra, who owns the eponymous Cooking With Alessandra.

Judging from the feedback we got from last week’s post about the event, readers were eager to find out how to make those sausages themselves.

Here are three of the recipes from our recent sausage class:

Making homemade sausage might seem daunting, but scratch-made sausage is really pretty simple and straightforward: select meats and spices. Run the meat through a grinder, and combine ground meat with spices and other seasonings. Stuff into sausage casings (or shape into patties). Chill and/or cook the sausage.

Rory and Chef Amy grind the meat, to mix with seasonings to make artisanal sausages

Rory and Chef Amy grind the meat, to mix with seasonings to make artisanal sausages

The key is having a good grinder to use, because this makes the preliminary steps of preparing the meat much much easier. If you have a heavy-duty stand mixer, many of these have an optional meat grinder attachment (which will also come in handy for making homemade ground horseradish, old-school cranberry-apple-orange relish, and other old-fashioned delights).

If you’re interested in learning more about artisanal sausage-making, keep an eye out for classes, at Cooking With Alessandra, at butcher shops like the Story City Locker, or other cooking schools such as Deb Cazavilan’s Wooden Spoons Workshop.

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