Passion Fruit Balsamic Vinegar

Passion-fruit-balsamicThe national flower of Paraguay, the passion flower plant is native to tropical areas of South America, and is grown for its sweet, seedy passion fruit. Passion fruit juice often is added to mixed-fruit juice blends (to add aroma) and to cocktails, and used in sauces and salads, and in desserts.

We take that delicious passion fruit a step further to produce Passion Fruit White Balsamic. Aromatic with a sweet and tart flavor, Passion Fruit White Balsamic makes a delicious dressing or marinade, and reduces to produce an outstanding finishing glaze for salmon, halibut or shrimp.

Whisk together a little Passion Fruit Balsamic ($14.75/bottle) with Roasted Sesame Oil as an excellent marinade for chicken or kebabs of any kind.

Passion Fruit White Balsamic Vinegar can stand on its own, topping fresh or grilled fruits, drizzled into chilled soups, or over fresh burrata or mozzarella chieeses.

Pair Passion Fruit White Balsamic with Garlic, Blood Orange, or Persian Lime Olive Oil as a dressing for salads of all kinds.

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