May the Fourth Be With You: ‘Star Wars Day,’ May the 4th

Do you celebrate Star Wars Day, May the 4th?

Get it? “May the fourth be with you“?

Stop making that face! You’re going to get a headache from rolling your eyes like that!

may-the-4th-be-with-youReally – Star Wars Day is an actual thing, celebrated by actual people. And, since you’re going to have to wait until December to see the next installment in the Star Wars saga (Episode VII! The Force Awakens! Woo!), you might as well enjoy some fun (and punny) recipes that celebrate this nerdy, geeky holiday.

There are lots of sweet, silly Star Wars-themed dessert recipes out there on the Internet. Just Jenn has an especially good collection of cookies and cakes (and jello molds – think Han Solo suspended in a 9 x 13 pan of translucent, fruit-flavored “Carbonite”), with great photos.

chewschettaFor more savory offerings at your Star Wars Day party, you can make:

Close out the evening with some “Darth chocolate” bark, and a cup of hot R2-Decaf.

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  1. LOVE these recipes, I am definitely going to give Chewschetta a go! I found these great light sabre BBQ tongs and now I have the perfect food to make the Han-burgers.. Although I think its going to rain in the UK on Star Wars day, so I’ll be huddled under a sub umbrella with the BBQ, but it’s got to be done!

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