The Magic and Science of Popcorn

Popcorn is like magic. Pour a quarter-cup of hard, inedible grains into a pan of sizzling hot oil, and snacks magically appear.

How does this magic work? As it turns out, it’s not magic, it’s science: when a popcorn kernel heats up to a temperature of 460 – 500°F, the moisture inside the kernel expands until the hard shell cannot withstand the pressure and explodes.

I still prefer the magical explanation: Native Americans believed that little spirits lived inside the kernels, who, when their ‘homes’ were heated, were instantly disturbed and would angrily burst out of the kernels.

Whether it’s magic or science, freshly-popped popcorn is delicious. We’ve been experimenting with popcorn lately, and have come up with some flavorful popcorn seasonings that take our favorite snack and make it really special.

Whether you like to make your popcorn “old school” style on the stove, or you want to dress up the microwave variety, these popcorn seasonings are a delicious addition to your favorite snack. Just a teaspoon [adjust to your personal tastes] in a bag of freshly-popped corn will bring vibrant flavor to the whole batch.

Our current popcorn seasonings are the cheesy-licious Cheddar-Head flavor, and our exclusive Tangy Dill Herb Blend.  We’re experimenting with a few more flavors, which we’ll add to our product line Summer 2012.

We suggest you pair your popcorn seasoning with a bottle of our Butter Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Add a bowl (or microwave bag) of popcorn and a favorite video, and Voila! Instant movie party!

Photo credit: Popcorn, by jayneandd on flickr

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  1. Diane says:

    Ah yes, but what is your favorite corn to pop? My hubby & I are currently in love with the “mushroom” variety of Grubbs popcorn (Iowa grown). It’s wonderful and huge, and pops beautifully! We’ve found it at Dahls, and bought it directly from the Grubbs online. That popcorn combined with the buttery olive oil & the Cheddar-Head seasoning is a thing of beauty! And no, I don’t work for them or for you. 😉 I just know a great thing when I eat it!

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