It Takes Two: AllSpice Twin Bottle Valentine Gift Bags

Still looking for the right Valentine’s Day gift? Intimidated by, or tired of, endless print, radio, and television ads, which offer the same old typical Valentine gifts — and threaten rejection and dire derision, should you choose the wrong present? (We’re looking at you, Hy-Vee).

We have a delicious and unconventional Valentine gift idea. Better yet, it’s a gift idea that bypasses the flowers, candies, and teddy bears that dominate gift advertisements this week.

The AllSpice twin-bottle Valentine gift bag.

Here’s how it works:

AllSpice_Valentine_giftbag1) You choose a pair of favorites from among our broad offerings of Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars (pictured are our recommended pairing of Dark Chocolate Balsamic, and Blood Orange Olive Oil).

2) We package up your chosen goodies in a sweet Valentine-themed gift bag, and wrap it up with a snazzy bow.

3) You get mad props for being a thoughtful and creative gift-giver, and Valentine catastrophe is averted.

Pricing varies, depending on which oils and/or vinegars you choose to include in your gift bag.

Our supply of Valentine gift bags is somewhat limited, so be sure to stop by soon to browse (and sample from!) our Oils and Balsamics tasting bar, and make your Valentine gift choices.

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