Inaugural Post

If you’re reading this, it means the allspice website has been released into the wild.  140 characters at a time on Twitter (@allspiceguy) is not enough.  How can we possibly explain the differences between our three (yes, three) great cinnamons in 140 characters or less?  Or when to use our Tahitian vanilla instead of our Bourbon Island or Mexican vanillas?  Or how our 18 Year Balsamic is made?

So we asked our talented neighbors at 8/7 Central to buy us a really big jar of blog the next time they went on a Costco beer run.  And they did.   But all we got was this blog.   They got the beer.

So what do we do with this thing?   We know Des Moines is a great food town for cooks, foodies, and chefs of every style and taste.   In our own small way, we hope to contribute by posting great recipes and ways to use our herbs, spices, oils and balsamics.   So follow us here or on Twitter (@allspiceguy) to stay up on what’s new in the shop, grab some great recipes, explore the world of spice, and start growing the Culinarium with us!

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8 Responses to Inaugural Post

  1. We did a brief write-up of your great store on our blog. Check it out at .

  2. We’ve featured allspice on our cooking blog- some nice photos of some of the staff, and the rest of the store. Wishing you all the best!

  3. Jen A. says:

    I am super excited to come visit. We LOVE to cook and LOVE to eat. But, always looking for that new flavor for our meals. We are traditional, with a meat, potato, vegetable, salad and bread for most of our meals. We love meat, and pasta, and bread, and well, we just love to try new things!! We will be in the Des Moines area for the Rock of Ages concert and plan to stop by.

  4. Ray Beaty says:

    Just to confirm, there are legions of pepperheads, chiliheads & hot food addicts out here on the web!

    Regards, Charlie Pepper

  5. Elisabeth Malm says:

    I live in another state and look forward to being able to order by mail from allspiceonline.. I have been a regular Penzey’s customer for years but I think you carry some things that they do not. Good to have both of you. E/M

    • alex says:

      Hey, Elisabeth! Our online store is now open! We’ve got great shipping rates, too, with 2-3 day Priority Mail delivery at no extra charge.

  6. Challee says:

    Holy cow! Just used EVOO Persian Lime in my pan while making quesadillas w/seasoned chicken, artichoke, tomatoe, & pepperjack cheese. YUMMY 🙂 Thank you for my new world, ALLSPICE!

  7. RuthAnn Cherny says:

    Recently discovered Allspice store and I am hooked! The olives oils and vinegars are beyond any I have ever tasted and a whole world of spices to try.
    Sales people are always very knowledgable, helpful and friendly. Everyone should go!

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