In-shop Cookbook Swap April 19

pantry_cookbooks1We have a guilty secret.

No, not the one about the chocolate bars and the red wine. (That’s a pretty open secret, actually).

The guilty secret: Some of us here at AllSpice have what can diplomatically be called A Cookbook Problem.

Which is to say, we have lots of cookbooks at home.

No, really. Lots of cookbooks.

Lots. Of. Cookbooks. Like, no-more-room-on-the-cookbook-shelf-type lots of cookbooks. Stacking-the-cookbooks-two-layers-deep-on-the-shelf-style lots of cookbooks.

pantry_cookbooks2We understand that some of you have lots of cookbooks, too.

Yes, you probably use most of your many cookbooks – there’s bound to be at least one outstanding recipe in each cookbook on your pantry shelf – otherwise, you wouldn’t have brought home those books.

Maybe you’d like to clear a little space on your cookbook shelf?  (To – coughcough – make room for a few new ones?).  Or perhaps you’ve grown tired of some of your older, lesser-used cookbooks, and would like to try out some new recipe ideas.

We’re going to try a new idea to help you (and ourselves) with our cookbook problem:

We will be hosting a fun “cookbook exchange” at AllSpice on Sunday the 19th during store hours (Noon – 4 pm).

Bring in your old or unwanted cookbooks. We’ll bring some of our cookbooks from home to swap, too. With any luck, we hope you can exchange your giveaway cookbooks for a new (to you) book or two!

We’ve even got some great new cookbooks for sale at the store, too, so be sure to come have a look.

See you Sunday, April 19!

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