Halloween in the East Village: Treats! (Tricks Optional)

Are your little ones still feeling the need for additional “Fun Size” candy bars, after you raided their Beggars’ Night haul?*

point-break-nixon-carter-reagan-johnson-expresidentsWant to wear that excellent costume one more time? (Adding the Richard Nixon mask to the surfer getup was most excellent, evoking that Swayze-in-Point-Break vibe).

We know you’d like another opportunity to show off your crafty costume handiwork — and the kids were going to keep wearing their costume 24/7 for a couple more days anyway.

Whatever the reason, we’d like you to join us for
Trick or Treating in the Historic East Village
this Thursday, October 31 (Halloween!!) between 5 – 7 pm.

More than 15 stores will be participating, including:

  • All Pets Hospital
  • All Spice
  • Artisans’ Jewelry
  • Domestica
  • Eight Seven Central
  • eden
  • Ephemera
  • Green Goods
  • Hill Vintage and Knits
  • Jett and Monkey
  • Leona Ruby
  • Porch Light
  • Seed
  • Stitch
  • Village Bean
  • Vitae

We can’t wait to see everyone’s creative costumes, and hear the kids’ corny jokes (if they’ve got ’em)!

See you Thursday!

*(I know, you were saving them from the perils of tooth decay when you relieved them of all the Three Musketeers and Snickers bars. I totally know where you’re coming from.)


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