Give The Gift of ‘My Favorite Things’ (Whiskers On Kittens Sold Separately)

It probably happens to you all the time. You take a home-baked treat to a friend, you have family over for supper. Folks rave about your delicious dish or dessert, your bodacious barbecue, your incredible ice cream, and want to make your special recipe their own.

This season, we’re doing something new to make it easier for you to transform their wish into a thoughtful holiday gift.

AllSpice_My_Favorite_ThingsIntroducing the AllSpice ‘My Favorite Things’ gift box.

What’s in it? Well, it could be nearly *anything.* You choose any four 1/2 Cup jars of (duh) your favorite AllSpice ingredients.

For example, I might turn my chili recipe into a ‘My Favorite Things’ gift box filled with Chile Powder, Oregano, Ground Cumin and Cayenne Pepper. You might make a collection of your favorite Blends and Rubs for the grill, or gather the four must-have ingredients that you use almost every day.

If you’re going for the extra credit points,* remember four ingredients that your loved one mentioned throughout the year and combine them for your loved one’s own personalized ‘My Favorite Things’ ensemble.

Mix-and-match favorite products to your heart’s content (salts and chiles! curry powder and popcorn seasoning! cinnamon and pink peppercorns!).

soundofmusicHow much does it cost?  It varies.  We’ll charge you for your four products, plus $2.50 to pack your selections carefully in a snug (and secure) gift box, and finish it up with festive ribbons and a tag.

Know what you’ve got now? Brown paper packages tied up with strings!

[Sing it with me] These are a few of my favorite thiiiiiiiings!


You’ll have to look elsewhere for raindrops on roses, warm woolen mittens, or girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. You’re on your own for those, but it’s a safe bet that you can probably find them somewhere here in the Historic East Village.

Celebrate the holidays with ‘My Favorite Things’!


*For the nerdy extra-extra credit, riff on the “Sound of Music” theme and box up ingredients for crisp apple strudel, or schnitzel with noodles (doorbells and sleigh bells sold separately).

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