Fusti Who?

No, no, Val! It's a fusti, not a shotput!

No, no, Val! It's a fusti, not a shotput!

When you’re here in the shop, you’re likely to hear us talk about the fustis. Did you ever wonder what on earth we’re talking about?

Well, our olive oils and balsamic vinegars are dispensed from those big stainless steel jugs called Fustis.

Spice Grrrl Val, who competes in shotput and hammer-throw when she’s away at college, demonstrates in this photo what *not* to do with a full fusti.

A more appropriate use of the fusti is to mix up bubbly and refreshing Fus’tinis. These drinks combine club soda or mineral water with a splash of your favorite Balsamic Vinegar. (Get it? Fusti + Martini? We are such clever wordsmiths).

Blueberry Balsamic makes an amazing summer fustini, and Fig Balsamic seems especially fitting in the cold-weather months.  Any fruity balsamic vinegar will add a bracing dash of flavor to your bubbly water.

Thirty feet! An AllSpice fusti-put record!

Thirty feet! An AllSpice fusti-put record!

You may also want to try fus’tinis at home with an additional splash of vodka for extra refreshment .

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