Two Times The Candy, Two Times The Fun: EV Trick-or-Treat On Halloween!

What a Wookiee! Awesome Chewbacca costume by Kim Hutchison of JBirdStitch

What a Wookiee! Awesome Chewbacca costume by Kim Hutchison of JBirdStitch

Did you work really hard on that hand-stitched Wookiee suit?

Did you spend a tidy bundle on that storebought Princess Elsa “Frozen” icicle gun?*

Would you like to get an extra day’s use for that cool costume? How about getting to trick-or-treat on actual Halloween night (and not just Beggars’ Night)?

Here’s your chance: The second annual Historic East Village TRICK-OR-TREAT NIGHT is upon us.

In lieu of a November First Friday event, over twenty shops are staying open late next Friday, October 31st, for an East Village TRICK-OR-TREAT night from 5-7PM.

Everyone is invited to participate. We’ll have candy treats for everyone, adults and kids alike. Costumes encouraged!

We know you’ll want to trick-or-treat all the participating shops and businesses. You’ll find a list of where to go, over on the Historic East Village website.

Up-to-the-minute news and information is on the East Village Trick-or-Treat Facebook page.
*There isn’t such a thing as a Princess Elsa icicle gun – but I bet you’d pay big bucks for a cool (get it? icicle gun? cool?) costume accessory like that. (I know I would!)

Photo credit (and awesome costume credit): Kim Hutchison of JBirdStitch

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